Don’t Let E-Waste Collect in Landfills

Mr. Electric has ways reduce e-waste for America Recycles Day

WACO, Texas (Nov. 10, 2014) - America Recycles Day, the nationally recognized day that encourages people to recycle while bringing awareness on the importance of recycling, will be held on November 15. Mr. Electric has the top reasons and ways to recycle e-waste, helping to solve a growing e-waste problem.

The benefits of recycling e-waste

Electronics contain raw materials, most of which can be reused or repurposed. Dismantling and separating the components also helps with preserving the environment. Properly dismantled electronics help keep natural resources, such as air and water, clean of electronic toxins, minimizing potentially hazardous health effects. Recycling e-waste also helps to divert electronics away from landfills.


Ways to recycle e-waste

Reuse programs

There are a lot of companies that offer special rates for turning in used electronic devices. By turning in old phones companies typically give consumers money off when purchasing a newer model.

Take-back programs

An alternative to letting older model laptops and desktops sit around or end up in a landfill is to take advantage of take-back programs offered by many computer companies and electronics retailers. People can take old unused electronics to these computer companies and retailers so they can be refurbished and distributed to people in need of these devices, or be properly disposed.

Drop-off points

E-waste drop off points are places specifically designed to accept old, used and damaged electrical devices. These e-waste collection points help to keep electrical devices out of landfills and they accept a large number of electrical devices.

Using these tips and reasons to recycle from Mr. Electric will help everyone have a better America Recycles Day, keep e-waste out of area landfills and give others the opportunity to have access to electrical devices. 

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