Don’t Be Frightened by the October Electric Bill

WACO, Texas (Oct. 8, 2014) – October is Energy Awareness Month and as the summer months turn into fall and eventually winter, Mr. Electric has things every homeowner should do to conserve energy and reduce the electric bill.

Pay attention to the thermostat

The ideal temperature to set the thermostat at during the fall and winter is 68 degrees. For optimal savings, lower the temperature at night or not home and warm the home back up, keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees or below, when at home. One way to monitor the use of the thermostat is by installing a programmable thermostat with apps connected to a phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Change the light bulbs

To save on energy consumption, consider switching from traditional incandescent lighting to LED lighting. LED lights use less energy and last longer than traditional bulbs, saving money over time. Halogen lights should be used for outdoor lighting. They use significantly less energy than traditional outdoor light bulbs.  

Consider installing automated switches

Using automated switches allows for optimal lighting and adjustments to take place. By regulating the lighting in a home the energy consumption will go down, reducing the electric bill. Installing automated switches that connect to mobile devices gives homeowners more control over their lighting needs.

Be mindful of holiday lighting

Halloween starts the season of outdoor holiday lighting. The best thing to do to conserve energy and keep the electric bill low while still using holiday lighting is to put them on a timer. Avoid running the lights during the day and set the time for them to come on for well after dark. Set the lights to go off when, or slightly after, you go to bed.

Be ware of vampire lighting

October is the perfect time to mention vampire lights. This refers to all of the electronics that consume energy but go unnoticed. Items like coffee makers, microwaves and computers are constantly plugged in and consume energy even when they are not operating. To conserve energy, unplug items like toasters, coffee makers and other home electronics that can go unused until needed.

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