Do-It-Yourself Electric Repairs Can Be Costly and Dangerous

Bio: Bob Lendabarker is the franchisee owner of Mr. Electric® of DuPage County. He is a licensed electrician and a long-time resident of the greater Westside Chicago area. He became a Mr. Electric franchisee owner in November 2006.

(GLEN ELLYN, IL – SEPTEMBER 14 , 2007) What started as a do-it-yourself laundry room rewiring job twenty years ago led to two decades of imminent danger and thousands of dollars in professional repair work for a local family.

After the death of her father, a young woman living in Phoenix decided to move back home to Illinois to help care for her mother in the family home. What she found in the basement laundry room prompted an immediate call to the experts at Mr. Electric.

Twenty years earlier, her father and a few friends decided to rewire the laundry area. After her husband’s death and noticing the household breakers tripped on a daily basis, her mother called on a local handyman. What was left was an electrician and homeowner nightmare.

“We found the conduit was not even connected to the service panel,” said Lendabarker. “Wires were faulty, frayed and stuffed through jagged holes cut into the panel. The handyman had wrapped electrical tape around some wires and had even covered some with half-cut rubber hosing to ‘protect it’ from the jagged metal.”

As unsightly as the job was, what really concerned Lendabarker was more serious than appearances. “There was ample evidence of arc burns all around the area,” he added. “What the homeowner had was a potentially lethal combination of a steel box, live electricity and water. There was a very real danger of fire and electrocution for twenty years.”

The bill from Mr. Electric to repair the scene and bring it up to code was around $1,200. However, the homeowner had spent close to $4,000 over the years on handyman repairs and do-it-yourself work. More important than money, however, was the safety factor; for decades the family had lived on top of a deadly disaster a spark away from happening.

Lendabarker adds that calls like this aren’t unusual and that he does post “do it yourself” repair work for homeowners fairly often. “When dealing with something as dangerous as electricity, it just makes sense to call in an expert,” he said.


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