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Celebrating Edison’s Birthday and How His Inventions Changed the World

WACO, Texas (January 30, 2015) – Lighting the way for future electrical discoveries, Thomas Edison developed many world-changing inventions in his 84 years. Acquiring over 1,093 patents in his lifetime, Edison constantly created innovative ideas and devices. In honor of Edison’s birthday on February 11, Mr. Electric® highlighted four of his most impactful inventions.

The phonograph

Edison first gained renown for his genius after creating the phonograph. Edison developed technology that could record sound and play it back, an incredible discovery in 1877. His first successful recording was his own voice reciting “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” which was found and restored in 2012. Edison’s creation changed the world of communication and music forever.

The kinetoscope

His most influential developments for the entertainment world, the kinetograph camera and the kinetoscope viewing device were Edison’s contributions to the early stage of motion pictures. These inventions didn’t give Edison the successful results he had hoped for; yet he did pave the way for the inventors and innovators to come that would continue improving and developing the movie industry.

Electrographic vote recorder

Entering even the world of politics, Edison’s first invention was the electrographic vote recorder. The device made voting within the US Congress move faster by allowing a simple voting service.

Light bulb improvements

Edison was not the creator of the light bulb, but his improvements led to the light bulb becoming a reliable source of inexpensive and long-lasting light. Many inventors struggled to make the light bulb a feasible source, but Edison’s changes brought electrical light to the masses. Today, it’s impossible to imagine a world without light bulbs, and our day-to-day lives continue to be affected by his work.

Edison’s inventions managed to reach to all parts of technology, from commercial movies to medical equipment development and more. His innovation changed the electrical scene forever, and continuing technological advancements owe much of their success to his original creations.

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