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There are 75 electrical outlets in the average home, of various sizes, shapes, and functionalities. Are the ones gracing your walls the right ones for the job? Here we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common types in your home, including what they have to offer, as well as new home...Read more

What’s a guy or gal to do when their most coveted electronics are covered in crud? Sensitive and persnickety, electronics surfaces and the fragile working components they house must be carefully addressed with the correct cleaning methods and supplies. If your gadgets are covered in germs...Read more

Live in an older home with 2-prong outlets? Your'e probably running out of outlet space for electronics. Here's how an we can fix this problem for you!

Live in an older home with 2-prong outlets? Chances are you’re running out of outlet real estate for appliances and electronics. Here's how an electrician can fix this problem for you! 

The 3-Prong Access vs Affordable Solution Conundrum

There abundant reasons...Read more

With the prices of led light bulbs rapidly falling – and light bulb technology boasting features you’d have to see to believe – consumers are finally jumping on the LED bandwagon. LEDs beat out other bulb options in efficiency, far surpassing halogens and leaving mercury-containing CFLs roadside...Read more

Since time immemorial, bathroom exhaust fan code requirements have remained relatively constant. One of two choices is required for light and ventilation in your bathroom:

  1. Light and ventilation by means of a window, which has a minimum size of three square feet, half of which is
  2. ...Read more

With so many adults, teenagers, and even young children owning everything from smartphones and tablets to iPods and fancy smartwatches, there’s no doubt outlet space is at a premium in most American homes. Luckily, outlet altercations can be avoided simply and inexpensively without the need for...Read more

Protruding plugs can create electrical eyesores, leaving furniture and appliances floating, robbing space, and making for strange views. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily solve these issues with the help of recessed outlet technology.

Keeping a low profile

Today’s...Read more

Grab the shiny-new mobile device you’re reading this blog on, saunter over to your hallway, and look up. Do you see:

A. Yellowed globe lights?
B. Dust bunny-laden ceiling fans?
C. Gold or yellow-brass anything?
D. Track lighting from the era of track pants?
E....Read more

On January 10, Mr. Electric celebrated National Cut Your Energy Costs Day with home and business owners nationwide striving to save energy by making simple, common-sense changes. Are you ready to take those same energy saving steps for the betterment of your budget and Mother Earth?...Read more

Most home fires start from the smallest of accidental causes, many of them in the “should’ve known better” genre. Prevented with the simplest of steps, this year, put breaking these bad electrical habits at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list….

This New Year, don’t just drop...Read more