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What to Expect During a Home Inspection

Put the safety of your home first. Did you know the leading cause of property damage in the United Sates is fires started by electrical problems? Take accidental electrocutions into consideration. Most of these incidences are the result of inadequate home wiring. Do not make the mistake of hiring a makeshift electrician to do a shortcut corner job.  Mr. Electric offers upfront pricing, licensed electricians, and are available on your schedule. On top of that Mr. Eclectic offers a complimentary safety inspection for your home to prevent hazards.

When considering an electrical inspection you might ask yourself what is actually getting inspected. An electrical home inspection checks out the entire electrical system of your home. This inspection compares the system in your home to the National Electric Code. This code sets the standards for safe electrical design, installation, and examination to protect your family and home from electrical hazards. It’s important to stay updated on information in regards to the electrical code to keep lives and property safe.

When requesting an electrical home inspection, you are ensuring the safe operation of the electrical system in your home. You can also save energy and reduce costs by updating certain electric components in your home that burn high levels of energy that may even be an infraction to the National Electric Code. You should have a general safety inspection when purchasing a new home, when adding an appliance, when completing a major renovation, or when the home has aged more than 40 years.

At no additional charge to you, an inspection done by Mr. Electric covers everything on a home safety check up including, testing of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, safety and security lighting exam, outlet operation, and provides a detailed prioritized report on all areas of attention to the electrical system.

Let Mr. Electric keep your home hazard free with the most recent electrical code and hazard prevention information available 


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