Recharge Yourself for Self Improvement Month

Part of September’s self-improvement month involves recharging. No, not your phone or tablet, but yourself.  Today, we are so caught up in our technology that sometimes we forget to put it down and enjoy the things around us.  Taking a vacation isn’t something that all of us can do on a whim, so here are a few ways to recharge you this month:

Have a spa/relaxation day 

One part of recharging is relaxing and taking time for yourself.  A spa day doesn’t just involve going to a fancy spa and spending lots of money, it can mean just getting a pedicure or 30-minute massage.  You could even just take a day and not do anything. You will feel so much better afterwards

Go outside

Since fall is here and temperatures are finally getting cooler, going outside is a must.  Spending time in the outdoors (without technology) will help you relax and recharge.  The sunlight will also help you feel better if you have been down lately.  

Put your cellphone/computer down

Some studies say that people who are constantly on their phone have higher anxiety levels and have less satisfaction with their lives than people who are less plugged-in.  These symptoms could lead to depression in some.  Giving your cellphone a rest could help more than just its battery.

Redecorate your room

Redoing your room might help you recharge.  Painting your walls a calming color will help soothe you when you are stressed.  Taking out technology and adding blankets and pillows will help you relax and make the place very cozy. 

Stop multi-tasking

Give yourself a break from juggling multiple different tasks and try to just focus on one. This will help you avoid distractions and give one task all of your attention.

Have a tech-free hour 

Putting down our computers or phones is definitely hard to do all day, so just take one hour a day.  Turn off your phone and focus on you and those around you. This hour could allow you to get some things done or even spend time with your family.  

These suggestions from Mr. Electric® will help you and your family recharge and relax.