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2016 Top 5 Trendy Electronics for Back to School

Are your kids ready for their first year of college? If you think back-to-school shopping means loading up on spiral notebooks and No. 2 pencils, you’re behind the times. These essentials from when you were in college won’t cut it in today’s high-tech classrooms. Help your college-age student succeed this semester with these top five trendy electronics for back to school 2016.

Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Series Tablet

With a recent price drop, this Dell tablet boasts great specs – including Windows 8 upgradable to Windows 10, a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with a microSD card slot for storage expansion – all at an affordable price. The 8-inch screen means the tablet is small and light so it won’t weigh down your college student’s backpack. It also has a great battery life for portability around campus.

Tablet Accessories

You need the right accessories to help the tablet computer last all four years of college. A wireless keyboard allows the tablet to double as a laptop for easy note taking in class. You’ll need a folio case as well to allow the tablet to stand up on a table for hands-free stability while typing. This type of case also comes in handy for showing friends the funniest YouTube videos between classes. A folio case doubles as protection for the tablet so the screen doesn’t get scratched while being transported in a backpack.

Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive FIT

Your college student may begin writing a paper on an on-campus computer, but need to finish it later back at her dorm. The Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive FIT is the easiest way to transfer digital files from one computer to another, and 3.0 compatibility ensures the fastest file transfers possible. This flash drive’s tiny size makes for maximum portability.

For plenty of storage at a surprisingly affordable price, opt for a 32GB flash drive. For tons of storage to take music, movies and pictures on the go, a 128GB flash drive is better suited for your student’s needs.

Google Chromecast Streaming Device

There’s no way a poor college student can pay for cable or a Smart TV to stream online content, but with Chromecast, she can “cast” all her favorite content accessed on her phone to the big screen. Everyone in the room can enjoy entertainment from Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube and more without a Smart TV, making your college student’s dorm the place to hang out on Friday nights.

High-Tech Energi+ Backpack

In a world full of gadgets, running out of battery is one of your college student’s biggest concerns. Not only can the Energi+ backpack be used to carry textbooks, a laptop/tablet and other necessities, but it can also act as a high-tech charging station.

The backpack comes complete with a 10,400mAh battery pack used to charge devices through three build-in micro USB connectors. Completing the backpack’s functionality are cable pass-thrus, a laptop pouch and trolley pocket for keeping things tidy. The backpack is even TSA friendly for when your student flies home for weekend visits.

These are just five of the top trending electronics for back to school 2016. If you run into any trouble powering these devices because your home’s wiring isn’t up to par, please contact Mr. Electric® today. We’ll straighten out the problem for you in no time!

Note: Mr. Electric does not endorse or recommend any of these products. This list was compiled from general research of trending products.